Our New Board Members!

Mark Ascani

Alison Dillehay

Alison Dillehay and her husband Joe are members at St. John's Episcopal Church. Their army of cats keeps them in line. She believes that church should be an inclusive experience since everyone is made in God's image.

Johnny Hawkins

Johnny has lived in Tallahassee since 2017 and works as the weekend Sexton at St. John’s. He, and his wife Darla, have five cats and spend most days cleaning up their mess. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with friends. He would enjoy long walks on the beach if crabs weren’t so terrifying.


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We Gathered 116 lbs. of food to Second Harvest!

Adventures With Integrity Tallahassee

Paddling down the Wacissa River

Kayaking 2021

Kayaking 2022 

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